“All the Lights That Have Shone” – review from the LLBook Review

Review for “All the Lights That Have Shone” from the LLBook Review

I like the introduction to this book which tells you a little about the writer himself and how as a human he encounters glitches in life, he tells us he had a few attempts at just the introduction which you have to read, not many authors allow the reader to understand how a person ticks, Paul McCormack does just this.

This is one of those books which has a series of short stories, not like many you find on the market and it’s so different, each story brings the reader into experiencing what life is really all about, with a no hold bars approach, very down to earth and very laid back.

I like the stories, these are the sort you find on the short story page of any magazine each one has twists and turns not quite like what you would expect but all the same something quite different and special.

Paul McCormack has a great future in writing books, would certainly recommend his books if only for the detailed awareness which he incorporates into each story.

Highly Recommended

(published 10/04/12)

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