“All the Lights That Have Shone” Review by Mary C. Moore

Review for “All the Lights That Have Shone” by Mary C. Moore

McCormack is a wonderful writer. This collection really showcases the elegance and maturity of his writing. Although many of the stories were a bit too bitter or cynical for me, I still rated it highly for the prose alone. If this book lands in the hands of someone who enjoys the sad and darker side of the human psyche, they are in for a real treat.

I appreciated that, for the most part, each story was wrapped up, whether neatly or not so neatly, which is hard to do in any collection of short stories. McCormack does a great job of exploring different narrative styles and varying points of view in each story.

This is a really lovely little collection for those of you Vonnegut and Hesse minded types.

4/5 stars

(published 11/15/13)

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