This Languid Earth

A story of love, loss and the lives we wish we’d lived. The greatest tragi-comic romantic sci-fi ghost story written this millennium.

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Deepest Sympathies in Your Time of Loss, R.D.F.

Even in the afterlife there are glitches, or so it would seem. When Dale receives a ghostly visitor intended for someone else they both get more than they bargained for. Generations and cultures collide while they await the resolution of a bureaucratic snafu.

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All The Lights That Have Shone

The latest collection of short stories. Often more somber in tone, yet still maintaining the playful, absurdist tone of his previous work, it has drawn comparisons to Vonnegut and Murakami. “All the Lights That Have Shone” features the stories “Iodine” “The Best of Right Now” “A Dog Named Supper” “Always Get the Check” & “The […]

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All The Stupid Little Children

The first collection of short stories from Paul McCormack. Featuring artwork from John Lurie. Includes the stories “God in the Aisle” “Word from the Mountain” and “The Great Despiser” as well as many others.

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All Things Right and Beautiful

“All Things Right and Beautiful” is the story of a middle-aged man who can’t decide if he wants to die or just build a really great plate rack. Of course there’s more to it – there’s action and adventure, sex and nearly romance, Heaven and Hell and two dogs named Doc and Purvis. A colorful […]

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